Top links for quantitative finance and risks

The best site for quantitative finance forum, blog and articles

Another great site for quantitative finance forum

A place to monitor the latest progress in financial reform and risk regulation

The definitive resource website for Value-at-Risk research--contains many free downloadable research papers

A site dedicated to credit risk modeling

Recent advances/ research in VaR by the original developer of VaR

Hear it from the #1 critic of VaR (Nassim N. Taleb homepage)

Papers by Quantitative Research Centre (QUARC), UK.

Prof. Damio Brigo's homepage-- papers on CVA, etc.

The shareware site to "borrow" computer codes for quantitative finance research

An educational and career network for financial engineering

Risklab (ETH) research on risk measurement of extreme events and risk measures (Paul Embrechts homepage)

Free downloadable RISK MAGAZINE articles by David Rowe
Research Institute in Singapore offfering excellent research, education and conferences in risk management